Best MTB, Fatbike, Ladies, Jaguar Electric Bikes India with best price and service

Electric Series

Discover great places with the power of ebikes.

Fat Bike Edition

Get Healthy & Fit with the Stylish Jaguar Series.

MTB Series

Reach Great Distance.

Special Electric Features

Digital Display :Speedometer, PAS levels, Cruise, Battery Levels ...

Display is limit less when it comes to customization with wide range of modes & levels to unleash the Performance.

5 Level Pedal Assistant

Voltebyk comes with 5 level of pedal assistance to choosing cycling experience & Battery Savings.

Track your Activities on every ride

Track your every ride activities with bike's Speedometer, Trip Time, Distance Covered etc

Upto kms on Pedal Assistance

Go an extra mile with the inbuilt fitted pedal assistant that will make sure you reach your destination.

Experience the Turbo Speed

Fitted with a Powerful motor that will never let you stay behind. Experience the blazing speed of riding an electric bicycle.

Range upto - kms on throttle mode

Our models are fitted with the best power-saving components that give you the best in terms of mileage.

High Capacity 36V Ah Battery (w)

High capacity battery gives you the best performance of bike in terms of mileage.

superior 250w Hub Motor

superior 250w Hub motor (IP65 Rating) made of finest quality that will last for a long period of time.

Auto Cutoff Sensor Brakes

Safety of the rider is our priority, so we have fitted with the auto cut-of sensors that protects the rider from accidents.

Secure Electronic Lock

Secure Electronic Lock that protects your bike by allowing only the rightful rider to use the electric bike.

4 Modes (Throttle, Pedal Assistance, Cruise, Pedal)

A bike that can be used as per the rider interest for different riding experience.

Detachable Battery

Detachable battery gives you the portability and made of locking system to protect the battery from being theft at public places.

WaterProof Electric Bike

No worries in rainy season, the bike is waterproof and can be used in any weather.

Smart Charger

Autocutoff charger that automatically cuts off the power when the battery is fully charged.

Quickrelease Seat upto 1 feet

Quickrelease seat that can be adjustable upto 1 feet as per rider choice.

High Beam Light with Horn

High Beam Light with inbuilt horn that will help you to enjoy the riding even at night, horn that will be helpful in traffic.

Combination Electric bike

Gears for smooth riding experience when user like to ride bike without the support of electric features.


when it comes to customization, options may go limitless as the bike is made for customization.

Why Should I Choose You?



The Others in the market.

    What's they offer?
  • 5.5 AH Battery
  • No Front Suspension Fork
  • No Ditachable Battery
  • Not Upgradable Bike
  • No Security features
  • Not Reusable
  • Limited options


₹21,990/ebike prices from

We offer affordable ebikes at every price range.

    What's we Offer?
  • Up to 10 AH Battery
  • Front Suspension Fork
  • Ditachable Battery
  • Upgradable Bike
  • Secure features
  • Reusable
  • Variety of designs & Models to choose

Boost Productivity

We encourage our customers to build their dream bike to experience the fun in fitting a bike.

  • Boost Productivity
  • Makes you independent
  • Explore, Learn & Build

Discover Creativity

Freedom for customization. Our Bike supports customization on your needs.

  • An upgradable Electric Bike
  • Secure Locking protected Bike
  • Widely Available & Ditachable Components

Created to Defy Limits

No limits when it comes to customizing the bike. Unleash the creativity in you and build your dream bike.


Become part of the Story

Explore the extraordinary features and become part of the legacy customers who inspires us to recreate these Special Editions.


Desk with leather desk pad, walnut desk organizer, wireless keyboard and mouse, and porcelain mug.

Electric Bikes

Crafted Electric Bikes

Wood table with porcelain mug, leather journal, brass pen, leather key ring, and a houseplant.

MTB Bikes

Hand Picked Models

Collection of four insulated travel bottles on wooden shelf.


For you Daily needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Trust voltebyk?

voltebyk care for every customer.Every day we work to make every important aspect of the Customer Experience a little bit better.Please check our Customer Gallery.

What are the available payments methods?

We offer UPI, Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Credit Card EMI, Debit Card EMI,Zest Money, Bajaj Finserv, Axio, Wallet, Net banking & Bank payments. Cash on delivery is available only for most of the locations in India.

What about delivery charges?

Delivery charges completely depend upon the Enter Your Full Address. We use the best delivery method to make sure the product reaches the customer in time with minimal delivery charges. For most of the locations, we charge less than 500 rupees.

Can I use my Voltebyk in the rain?

Yes, all Voltebyk bikes electrics are safely housed to protect them whilst cycling in even the worst weather. It is essential however that after riding in wet weather to remove the battery and dry the battery housing and terminals with a cloth or towel. (Don’t fully submerge the bike in water or wash your frame using a pressure washer.)

Can any cycle shop service my electric cycle?

Our Electric bike motors are “maintenance free” meaning that the servicing required can be met by any standard cycle shop.

What happens if I run out of battery while cycling?

The battery has four LEDs to show you the amount of charge left. However if you run out of battery you can also pedal just like a standard bicycle.

How does “pedal assist” work on electric bicycle?

When you pedal, the motor is automatically activated and will give you an appropriate amount of power depending on your pedalling. So when going uphill, move to a higher power level and enjoy!

How can I secure the battery?

Our batteries lock into the bike with a key. The battery also detaches from the frame so you can remove it from the bike when locking it up, if you choose to. All our batteries come with at least 2 keys. Allowing you to keep a spare in a safe place in case you misplace your primary key.

Do I have to remove the battery to charge it?

You do not! Our batteries have a port on them that allows them to be charged while still on the bike.

How it works

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electric cycle?

An electric cycle, also known as an e-bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor that provides assistance to the rider's pedaling.

How fast can an electric cycle go?

The speed of an electric cycle varies, but most e-bikes can reach speeds between 20 to 28 miles per hour (32 to 45 km/h)

How far can an electric cycle travel on a single charge?

The range of an electric cycle depends on factors like battery capacity and terrain, but most e-bikes can travel between 20 to 50 miles (32 to 80 km) on a single charge.

Are electric cycles legal to ride on public roads?

In most countries, electric cycles are legal to ride on public roads as long as they meet certain criteria such as speed limits and power output restrictions.

How long does it take to charge an electric cycle?

The charging time for an electric cycle can vary, but on average, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.

Can you ride an electric cycle in the rain?

Yes, most electric cycles are designed to be weather-resistant and can be ridden in light rain. However, it is recommended to avoid heavy downpours to protect the electrical components.

Do you need a license to ride an electric cycle?

In many places, you do not need a license to ride an electric cycle as long as it meets the legal requirements for e-bikes in that area.

How much does an electric cycle cost?

The cost of an electric cycle can vary widely depending on the brand, features, and battery capacity, but prices typically range from 1500 to 50000 or more.

Are electric cycles suitable for commuting?

Yes, electric cycles are a popular choice for commuting as they provide an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional transportation methods.

Can you pedal an electric cycle without using the motor?

Yes, most electric cycles allow you to pedal without using the motor, giving you the flexibility to choose between manual pedaling or electric assistance.

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